Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WOYWW #455 is Wednesday and as such it is time to get on the ball and show off my desk and tell you what I have been up to this week!  I enjoyed  last week so much I decided to set my alarm to alert me in needed join in the fun going on at Julia's blog Stamping Ground and WOYWW!  Check it out and come join in the fun!

What a quick run through of a week...It seems that it was just yesterday that I posted!  WOW!  Time goes by fast considering I am retired and have very few an article on that...seems us old farts (SS or OAP depending on of where you are located) have already been so many places and done so many things that we have huge frames of references and don't learn as much...since we don't learn as much there isn't as much to slow us down!  Right!

My desk in all its glory...
I decided to get busy this week and work on organizing and may be a few cards...which I did! I had some questions about this little SideKick die cutter on my desk last week and thought I would answer them today.  I bought this machine from The Stamps of Life and it is a Sizzix machine like the Big Shot that handles small dies...up to 2 1/2 inches and small embossing folders.  Tim Holtz came out with a similar machine then a set of dies and folders called SideKick Side Orders! That I bought from Craft Direct.  It will handle any small thinlet and framelet dies though without a problem and I don't have to trot out the bigger machines.  I own the Vagabond and The Big Shot Pro also so from small to big I have it covered now.  I have been using this one all week for cards.

 The cards I made this week of course I could make just one of each so I did more then it looks like!  I had fun!  I also did some art journaling but not ready to share any of that!  Anyone a fan of Dylusions and Effy Wild?
A birthday card that I thought would be good for a boy! 
Left this one open...could be birthday, thank you, or whatever
A card for a swap...they give you a layout and you swap with another!
Weather here has been really on the horrible side the past couple days.  I have been in my craft room trying to keep warm cause it is the coldest room in the whole house I do believe!  My arthritis, fibro, and the damn back surgery pain has been giving me grief and I am trying to work through it with the art journaling etc.!  I hate the drugs cause the mess with my mind and not in a good way!  Started using the CBD Hemp Oil and it really seems to be helping me a lot! How about a few photos of isn't now it is ice and sleet!  Oklahoma doesn't get a lot of snow but frequently freezing rain and sleet in the winter...won't complain...I am hope warm and dry and we need the moisture!  They aren't very good photos cause I took them through the glass and screens cause there was no way I was going outside in 29°F (-4°C) weather to take a photo!
my pool covered over for the winter
looking north down the cul de sac...see the icicles?

my craft room window where the freezing rain had collected...guess I don't have a heat leak!
Well I guess that is it for me this week.  I made it around to almost everyones desk last week and had quite a few come and visit mine.   I am hoping to be able to do the same this week.  Hope everyone has a crafty week!  

btw...for those who were asking...
My brother in laws Mothers funeral went off really well!  I felt so sorry for Stan having to go through this whole thing twice in less then a month.  Can't say I every want to lose my spouse and another family member in a week.  I think he is doing really well coping with his wife (my sister) and his mothers passing.  I don't think I could do as well!  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day and welcome to my desk.  It has been a while since I have posted to WOYWW but thought today was a good time for me to just jump back in...first off my desk...
I haven't really done much but have decided I was going to get started again TODAY!  I bought the little Sizzix die cut machine and a few dies the other day on sale so stay tuned to what I produce!  I did join a group for a tag swap and made this and only thing in months!
Being and over achiever I made six instead of the 3 we were told to make!
Up close!
On a personal note!
It has been a year and then some for me!  I am not going to whine...much.  Still having problems post op back surgery.  Sat down too hard at PT and caused a hairline fracture to one of the vertebrae.  Evidently the disc he put in between them is stronger then my back bone!!  That's the bad news...good news is I am developing bone matrix and that should be healed in a few more months.

My baby sister Carol Ann passed away on the 16 January this year.  Carol was 6 years younger then me and was a whiz kid with numbers and mathematics and besides being so intelligent she was an awesome person both inside and out!  It came as a surprise when she was diagnosed last May with stage 4 adenocarcinoma.  Carol was married to Stan for 42 years this June.  They have 3 boys and 8 grandchildren.  Poor Stan got a double whammy when his mother passed away on the 9 Feb!  I feel for him that is really hard on a person.  I will be going to her funeral tomorrow to support Stan!
Carol a couple years ago!

Okay that is it for me!  Go check out WOYWW and follow Julia's info for joining in the fun!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

still here...

I thought I would take a few minutes and write a short post to let everyone know I am still here...alive and kicking...sort of!

First off I want to wish everyone a happy holiday whatever religion or lack there of you embrace!  We call it Snowman Day in our house because there are so many different beliefs in the works.  I quit trying to remember who is what and I just send out winter wishes to everyone.  My card this year!  The family all came home for Thanksgiving and while here pitched in and got the house decorated for the holidays...I have an awesome family!
I thank everyone for their interest and concern over my health and wellness issues....

I went to the surgeon on December 23 and was told my set back with the laminectomy and spinal fusion was due to me having broken one of the vertebrae some how.  I am fused L4-L5 and L5-S1 with plastic spacers in-between the discs...evidently sitting down too hard one day caused a spacer to slam into the vertebrae and crack will heal but hurts like hell!  I can truthfully say I am sitting down rather gingerly to keep from cracking more!  I am still having memory issues and haven't been too good in retaining says it will come back...I am hoping so!

I started radiation therapy to a recurrent issue with basal cell cancer on my face.  Evidently they think that this might help and I started treatments a week ago.  The treatments are at Norman Regional Hospital Cancer Management Center five days a week for another 2 weeks.  The treatment itself is painless...unless you count having to get up and go every day.  While it is a low dose of radiation my system already being compromised by autoimmune disorders has decided to react with fatigue, headaches, dry eye etc.  Dr. Yeh assures me that it will go away as soon as the treatments are done.  
The girls at the treatment center took a picture for me to share and I want to point out that I figure it was meant to be because of all the purple!  

I haven't been doing much of anything exercise, craft, cooking etc because of not feeling like doing much of anything.  I try and push myself and I do get stuff done

Anyway I hope everyone has a great week end and a happy start to the new year.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Thought I would post a little post and share some photos.  I haven't been doing much.  Haven't felt like it.  I have problems right now but everyday I can see them getting better and better.

My desk...not much has been going on on my desk...
Not a lot going on as you can see.  I have some new dies and stamps from Stamp of Life that I got recently but haven't had the umph! to use them!  I joined The Stamps of Life card club in hopes it would stimulate me to make cards is a work in progress.  Here is all that I have done since I had surgery...  I made 10 ATC to send to people in WOYWW in June and I can't find them.  I guess I will just have to break down and make more because I know I made them but didn't get them mailed out before I went to surgery and after wards I literally haven't been the same.  

These are the July tag calendars that I made for the Creativeblock StampersAnonymous group on Yahoo Groups.

These are the whole year!

Another group on Yahoo Groups had a 6"x6" calendar swap and I totally stole the idea off Pinterest using Washi tapes and papers I had from a long, long, long time ago!

 This card is the only really original idea in the bunch.  I received a pudgy unicorn from The Stamps of life and this is what I came up with!

 The following cards I made from kits that I have had sitting around that were from Stampin'Up!  I embellished and did some change ups but it is something I can say I made!

Okay I am going to call it quits for today.  I hope to be able to start making it back here weekly again.  

For those that emailed and wanted to know what was going on...I had the spinal surgery June 26, 2017 and things didn't go as perfect as I wanted them to go.  I had some issues with blood loss (3 units) that caused my oxygen levels to drop enough it has caused me to lose some memories and ability to think doctor calls it loopy!!  I am doing much better today then 4 months ago but still forget where I parked my car etc.  I have some expressionary aphasia meaning I don't finish sentences or drop thoughts randomly.  Really hilarious some of the stuff that does and doesn't come out of my mouth!  I had already booked a trip to Croatia with my husband thinking all would be on the up and up but I didn't leave the hotel unaccompanied because I would get lost and confused...not a happy state but like I said I am better now and the pain is a lot less in my back! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

update and WOYWW

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I haven't been on the computer for one reason or another.  Really hasn't been on my list of things to get accomplished cause it hurts too bad to sit and think!
WOYWW friends I took a picture of my desk this week and as you can see nothing is being done at all...What is WOYWW?  check it out over at Julia's blog Stamping Ground and come play with us.
Okay my desk this week...
Not a lot to see just a few dies on magnetic few bling bits and that is about it.  I haven't made any new anything in 3 weeks.  I thought I would have the ATC done before going in the hospital happened but that was a no go!  Promise they are on my list of the first things to get done once I am better!

So what is going on with the this week?  Well I started having a lot of pain on Wednesday  night...That kind of pain that makes you moan and whine about everything!  I couldn't stand up without bladder emptying, forget passing gas, or even just sitting or lying down in one spot more then a minute or two at a time.  My doctor ordered an MRI of my back on Friday and then since it kept getting worse my dear hubby loaded me in the car and took me to the ER on Saturday.  They told me the MRI showed some abnormalities...could be blood, could be serous drainage, could be an infection so we drew lab and while my white count and CRP were elevated they would have been with just my having had surgery.  So 4 hours later and tons of drugs later...(none of which worked) they sent me home to follow up with my dr. Monday or Tuesday.  As luck would have it I had an appointment with the osteopedic surgeon about my knee on Monday so they check it all out.  I then was told I needed comeback the next day and see the neurosurgeon...

Turns out that this new procedure seems to have issues with serous drainage postop cause they peel muscle off bone etc.  The PA and Dr. said all the people having this procedure done from now one would have drains posted to prevent all the spasms etc...not much help for me right now given the word on new meds and how to take them so I came home and crashed for the day.  I am about to go back t bed cause I have another appointment tomorrow at 2pm!  Hope this gets better sooner then later.

Hope everyone has a great week and I will talk at you more next week...hope that I will feel better enough this week to make a few visits...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WOYWW and back surgery

Sorry I haven't been around or posted the past couple has not been a good time for me at all!  I had surgery on my spine last Monday week and I think I am getting better and something comes along to knock me down again.  Haven't been able to do much in the way of crafting and really haven't been on the computer much!
Here I am all decked out in the surgery garb prep...guess all the color coordination is on purpose to make you cheerful for the up coming event!

   My Cheering Squad whilst I was in the back...they tell me they actually had a good talk with the real Santa while I was under the knife...hmmm...wonder if they shared the drugs out there!

This next picture is post op...OMG!  Had I known that a MIDLIFF surgery was so painful I might not have had it done!  In layman terms it was a spinal fusion and laminectomy with screws and plates.  Evidently they had something go south with the drilling of the first screw and broke out the anterior portion of the vertebrae and had to drill another hole to put a screw and plate into...OMG!  I am not for sure if I ended up with 2 or 3 screws but according to the doctor he wasn't real happy with it all.  The nurses evidently screwed up and didn't give me the meds I was suppose to have gotten or the ice pack machine to my back or I really bruised something horribly.  The bed I am in here was faulty and the mattress ended up trashed after they took me out of it!!
The laminectomy and spinal fusion ended up encompassing the L3-4-5 Lumbar vertebrae!  OUCH!  Want to see the OP site  Not pretty...
 Could have been worse but...with ice packs and meds it might have been less!

I didn't get the swap ATC done before this happened so hopefully they will be done and in the mail this next week.  Take care and see you again soon with pictures of my desk!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

WOYWW #419

This week went by pretty fast...WOW!  Seems like I just got done with posting last week and it is already time to post again.  I don't mind though cause WOYWW is so much fun!  What is WOYWW...check here.  Julia started it 8 years ago and has kept it going through thick and thin!  Thanks Julia!
My desk this week...don't know what happened to the desk picture but I have already deleted it from my phone!  Oh week

Busy making cards this week trying to get caught up with card and ATC swaps.  I am not posting pictures of ATC's I made till I hear that the people I sent them to actually have received them.  I only shipped off 6 and for some reason thought that I needed 10 so I can still swap a few more.  I can show you pictures of the ATC's I have received this past week!  All are beautiful...thank you!
Twiglet, Wipso, Shazsilverwolf, Clair
Went to the mail box today and lo and behold another ATC has shown up!  WOW Andrea!  You are awesome!  I love the ATC pocket on the left, the tac, and the card  it all fits into!  Thank you for the awesome stamps and die cuts!  I will definitely use them!
Some cards I made this week!  I am all caught up I think!
a sketch challenge card!  
a graduation card

a double apron/curtain fold card

a sketch challenge and colors blue, brown, and green!

blue, masculine, circles Challenge card

Male Birthday

another green, brown, and blue challenge!

flowers, handmade embellies!

I have totally caught up on all my swap and challenge commitments now and it really feels good.  I have been spending time every day doing some kind of work in my craft room.  Makes me feel better knowing I have accomplished something!  I actually made two more but I evidently didn't take a picture so I hope someone does when they get them

The garden is growing well...we have harvested potatoes (20 lbs), onions (15 lbs), garlic (+/-3 lbs), and I am not sure weight wise how much in cabbages (6 green and 1 red), Kale, and Chard.  We have put many packages of both in the freezer and will put more in as it grows.  If you would like to see more pictures of the yard and garden check here...
Kale, Cabbage, and Chard

I canned 7 pint jars of green beans and potatoes.
Learned an interesting lesson yesterday...Chuck and I picked these green beans...he had planted two rows green and two rows black beans....the interesting thing I learned was black beans can't be picked and used for canning!
Black bean are tough and stringy and have to be left to ripen like peas...okay we will wait!